"Gregory always surprises me with his artistic eye and fresh look on what one might think of as an ordinary location or subject matter. His photographic compositions are very unique." —Stark Howell, Storyboard Artist, Nickelodeon


"I’ve worked professionally with Gregory for over a decade on producing imagery for various companies… I find him to be incredibly creative and always delivering the photographic goods, often with lots of interesting surprises, to boot!" —John McAuliffe, New Business Development Manager, Ventana Medical Systems


"When it comes to composition and capturing the moment, there are few photographers that have as keen an eye as Gregory… not to mention his uncanny ability to adapt in any foreign culture that he visits." —Craig Peterson, Surfer Magazine Explorer

"If you get within miles of his magnetic enthusiasm, you’ll find yourself gravitating to him." —Stephen Leeds, Founder, Umbrella Street Media


"One of the things that makes Gregory invaluable is the amount of historical research he does before embarking on a photo assignment… He’s always chock full of knowledge on a particular location, its landmarks, historical significance, etc. He always knows what to shoot because he’s extremely prepared with all of the necessary details about a place." —Ron Price, Marketing Manager, American National Insurance